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Be prepared with protection against the financial risks of Atlantic storms coming your way. TradeWx calculation and order entry tools and weather information can help you get connected to a weather-focused exchange and get protection when and where you need it.


Snowfall and rainfall protection!

    The Atlantic Basin

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The 2016 Atlantic Basin tropical storm season ended on November 30, 2016. All Atlantic Named Storm Landfall (ANSL) contracts have been settled at the conclusion of the storm season.


Trading for the 2017 Atlantic Basin tropical storm season will begin January 2017.

Weather Protection

Protecting yourself against financial losses from weather, such as storms and hurricanes, is easier than ever before. Simply use these helpful tools to purchase on a weather-focused exchange the amount of protection that you decide you need for the location that you are concerned about.


You can connect to exchanges that offer weather protection markets, where you can securely purchase or sell weather protection contracts for a location you are interested in.


Tap into leading sources of weather intelligence relevant to your trading decisions. Track the current forecast, research weather news, and purchase the protection you need.